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Visitor Request Form

Myint & Associates Data Center Policies and Rules:

The following policies regulate activities at the Myint & Associates Data Center (for convenience, referred to as “M&A DC” in this document). The following policies and procedures are necessary to ensure the security and reliability of systems residing in the Data Center.

Access to the Data Center
  • Customer access is restricted to authorized areas only.
  • All personnel who access the Data Center must have proper authorization. Individuals without proper authorization will be considered a visitor. Authorized person will have access to the Data Center at any time in accordance with the Data Center access policy.
  • For DC tour purpose, Tours will be led by authorized data center employees and visitors will be required to comply with Data Center policy.
  • All visitors must wear visitor’s badge at all times.
Equipment carry in/out the Data Center
  • “Data Center Client Equipment List” form must be completed and submit in advance for all equipment installations, removals, and changes.
  • Data Center Operation Head will deny entry to authorized clients or vendors who intend to install, remove, or rename equipment without an accurate equipment form.
Equipment Installation / Removing/ Changing
  • Before mounting equipment into the data center, all equipment must have test the power at Staging area.
  • A staging area is available, on a first-come, first-served basis, for the temporary unpacking and configuration of servers. The staging areas are offered as a convenience and not as a permanent storage area.
  • M&A DC is not responsible for storing equipment. Charges will be incurred if the equipment is not moved from the receiving area in 14 calendar days.
  • Power test passed equipment can install into Data Center in accordance with the equipment installation procedure from M&A DC.
  • All changes require approval and advance notifications.
  • All changes require a “Change Request Form” be submitted from authorized applicant.

Security in the Data Center

  • Any use of cameras, video, and other photographic equipment along with but not limited to audio monitoring and audio capture devices are prohibited within the Data Center without the express written permission of M&A DC.
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are used to monitor all areas of the facility including lobbies, common areas, customer lounge, data center floor space, and engineering plant areas for your safety.

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